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We have developed a simple yet effective online tool that ensures your estate is covered by listing all your assets against your liabilities.

The first step in planning your estate is to identify any liquidity issues that could be facing your estate.

Our Online Liquidity Calculator takes just two minutes, but can truly save hours of heartache for your family by discovering potential problems that can be addressed today.

What Estate Liquidity Calculator stands for:

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Protect Your Family By Planning Your EstateWith Our Liquidity Planning Tool

This easy-to-use tool allows you to instantly assess the liquidity of your estate, saving your beneficiaries endless problems and pain in the future.

The Problem with Estate Liquidity

If you are one of over 50% of South Africans that do not have enough liquidity in your estate to cover costs once you pass, you are setting your family up for a wide range of financial issues when the time comes to execute.

Just because you may have assets including a home, vehicle, savings, and more, does not mean that you have enough to cover your liabilities combined with the high costs associated with passing.

Even worse, these mounting costs such as a funeral, legal fees, property valuation, outstanding debts, and executing a will must be paid in cash and upfront.

This means that if your estate does not have sufficient cash to cover, then your beneficiaries have to pay out of their own pocket.

Devaluing Your Estate

If your estate liquidity is not properly planned for, it means that your family will have to quickly sell off your home and valuables in order to raise cash.

Imagine, your valued treasures and house that you worked so hard for your entire life, all being sold at a discount just to cover liabilities.

In extreme circumstances, your family may even have to sell their own home in order to protect your estate.